Why we care about Namecoin?

What is DNS anyway?

Zookos Triangle

So What's the Problem with DNS?

ICANN Awareness

The hacker inside me likes decentralization architecture. It could be argue that much of the "political problems" we have today derives from the centralized nature of the DNS with the root. So technology like namecoins or other decentralized identifier system intricates me. - James Seng


Centralization of DNS Creates Vulnerabilities

Decentralized DNS Provides Political Benefits

A Few Notes About Bitcoin

Blockchain Basics

Namecoin Basics

Namecoin Blockchain is a Key/Value Store

.BIT and Beyond

Namecoin Wallet

Registering .BIT Domain Names

  1. get some Namecoins

  2. get Namecoin wallet or namecoind

  3. start registering names

  4. lean back and smile

Let's Register a .BIT Domain

Namecoin Blockchain Explorer

Blockchain Explorer: http://nameco.in

Platform-specific Notes: Windows

Platform-specific Notes: Mac OSX

Resolving .BIT Domains - All Platforms

Resolving .BIT Domains - Windows

Resolving .BIT Domains - Linux

Resolving .BIT Domains - Linux


The id Namespace

Identity Management and Trust Online

Examples - bit.co.in

Examples - one-name



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